Product Support Technician

Product Support Technician

General Job Description:

Full-time position with the opportunity to change the world. The position will be for a Product Support Technician.

Areas of responsibility will include:

  • Installing products in the field and training dealer personnel
  • Working directly with inside sales teams to ensure customers are supported
  • Traveling as needed to customer or dealer locations to provide on-site support or trouble shooting
  • Working with engineering team to resolve problems in the field or remotely
  • Ensuring no more the 12hr in season downtime…ever!
  • Creating technical manuals for customers and dealers
  • Remote diagnosis and repair of products
  • Handling all dealer support requests

Position description:

At Smart Ag your official title will be Product Support Technician.  In this position you will be responsible for ensuring Smart Ag customers have the information and support they need to become lifelong raving fans of our technology.  You will be responsible for bringing extremely professional and competent knowledge to our customers and dealers to maintain our core values and build our elite brand. Every day will be a new challenge and you will be counted on help sales and engineering build the best product and highest caliber customer experience in the industry.  At Smart Ag no one works alone, our culture demands that every person work closely with each other, regardless of domain. You will have the extremely important role of helping improve the future product while giving customers using the current product the absolute pleasure of doing business with us. This is the foundation of the external brand we show the world and how we expect to treat and maintain long lasting and profitable relationships with our customers. In a nutshell, if you are not an extremely passionate person that cannot stand mediocrity, don’t bother applying.  Every applicant will go through a 90-day evaluation period, if at the end of the 90 days you don’t think Smart Ag is for you or we don’t think you embody our culture we will part ways.

Requirements for success:

  • Passion, drive and courage to change the world
  • Relationship centric personality
  • Excellent personal and communication skills
  • Ability to teach and train individuals and groups effectively
  • 5+ years’ experience working in precision agriculture
  • Advanced knowledge and experience in hardware and software troubleshooting
  • Capability to handle high stress situations and work long hours to put the customer’s needs first
  • Ability to perform command line diagnostics
  • Bachelor’s Degree from 4 year school
  • You have excellent written communication skills and ability to create training material
  • You are a natural team player and team builder; Smart Ag uses open office environments to drive collaboration and teamwork
  • Deep rooted principles and moral codes that align with Smart Ag’s culture

Job location:

Ames, Iowa

Salary range:

$60,000-$70,000+ depending on experience and cultural fit.

Comprehensive benefits package including health insurance, 401K and equity sharing is available.


For questions or to schedule an interview contact Justin Heath at 515-599-0346 and email resume

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October 30, 2018