Complex Computation is Hiring!

Complex Computation is Hiring!

Complex Computation LLC is a software and service startup company located in Ames, Iowa. Since its founding in July 2015, Complex Computation LLC has won federal government Small Business Innovative Research projects and Iowa State matching funds. A recent project calls for the hiring of new staff members with training or experience in some or all of the following areas:

Who are we hiring?

  • Software developer
    • Fundamental C++ programming, data structures and algorithms
    • Some experience with popular scripting languages, e.g., Perl, Python or Ruby
    • Familiar with software development cycles and rigorous testing methods
    • Experience in OpenGL 3D programming and game programming a plus!
  • Administrative assistant
    • Accounting knowledge or experience
    • Business management training or experience
    • Formal business paperwork and documentation
    • Familiar with business laws (both at federal and state levels) a plus
  • Marketing and business development
    • Current market research and development for software products
    • Business website development and maintenance or social network engineering
    • New product or new market discovery and exploration
    • Familiar with Salesforce a plus


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January 15, 2019