Park-based companies partner in a joint effort to relieve foot pain

Tue, Jan 9, 2018

​The Iowa State University Research Park (ISURP) is home to a diverse, innovative community of startups, small-staff operations, growing entrepreneurial ventures and corporations with multiple locations worldwide. Yet, as diverse as the companies may be, growing partnerships are taking place among some of the park’s companies. Take for example Lifestream Clinic and The Oh Ball who have come together in a joint effort to relieve foot pain.

At first glance, the companies may appear unlikely partners due to their dissimilar fields: Lifestream Clinic specializes in chiropractic, nutrition and soft-tissue therapies. Lifestream Clinic’s Ames location, inside the South Ames Fitness Center located in the ISURP, is the home to two Doctors of Chiropractic, Dr. Sam O’Tool and Dr. Marian Nappi. Lifestream Clinic also has locations in Grimes and Ankeny. The Oh Ball is a manufacturer of an innovative line of devices designed to relieve foot pain. The Oh Ball is an Iowa State University Startup Factory cohort member, and will graduate from the 52-week program June 2018. What brings the two companies together is the common, collaborative goal to relieve chronic foot pain.

“Most people don’t think to go to a chiropractor when their feet are in pain,” The Oh Ball Founder and President Kipp Hagaman said. “But together, Lifestream Clinic and The Oh Ball are hoping to change the way people think about addressing foot pain. To get the message out, we have produced a video targeted to practitioners who deal with patients every day who are experiencing foot pain. The video campaign will go statewide in an effort to help Iowa chiropractors find a new means for helping their patients.”

Hagaman plans to get the video, which features Lifestream’s Doctors of Chiropractic, Dr. Sam O’Tool and Dr. Joe O’Tool, in front of Iowa-based chiropractors to familiarize them with The Oh Ball product-line which includes the original Oh Ball and the newer SnOh Ball. Within the video, the O’Tools talk about The Oh Ball products and demonstrate how they are using them as a course of treatment for their patients at all three of their Lifestream Clinic locations.

“Chiropractors focus on combating pain in all areas of the body, including the feet,” Sam O’Tool said. “If all the parts of the body are functioning well, the overall body won’t break down or be in pain. Our first goal is to get our patients out of pain. The next goal is to keep them out of pain and help them stay ahead of that pain in the future. We are excited to share with other practitioners what has really helped us with our patients’ results when foot pain is a contributing cause–The Oh Ball–which helps to address foot pain and pain originating with the feet.”

According to O’Tool, foot pain is often the source of a multitude of other pain problems he sees in his patients.

“One fourth of all bones in the body are in your feet,” O’Tool explained. “Our feet are our foundation–it is important to have a strong foundation because if the foot is dysfunctional, there can be negative compensation in the knee, hip, shoulder, and neck. It’s all connected.”

Hagaman also knows first-hand the connection between foot pain and its overall impact on one’s well-being. 

“I developed the product-line after experiencing my own debilitating foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis,” Hagaman said. “Once your feet hurt, your life stops. Lifestream Clinic understands the ramifications of foot pain and how to address it, and I am so thrilled they are partnering with The Oh Ball to bring pain relief to their patients with foot pain. Their endorsement of our products will be life-changing–this partnership goes beyond the both of us selling a good product, it has implications for people who are in pain and are seeking relief and for those who are in need of a new method of getting a handle on their patients’ pain.”

The collaboration between Lifestream and The Oh Ball came about a few years ago when Dr. Joe O’Tool and Hagaman met to discuss Hagaman’s new foot pain relief device.

“When I first met Kipp and he explained his vision, I could instantly relate with his entrepreneurial spirit,” O’Tool said. “Having seen the development and work he put in to bringing his idea to fruition is similar to every business as it seeks to innovate. However, I believe the difference-maker for him and what I was really excited to learn is that he had connected with the resources available at the ISU Research Park. Not reaching out for help is most often where businesses fail. But, he was able to partner with people that could help his idea become a reality.”

O’Tool said Lifestream opened their newest clinic in the South Ames Fitness Center in August 2017 to be a part of the growing commercial development and value-added amenities in the ISURP. O’Tool, being a small business owner himself, said he sees the value in being part of a community where businesses have access to a supportive network of like-minded entrepreneurs and where opportunities for collaboration are encouraged. “We are all in this together–the success of a small business should always be supported and celebrated.”

This isn’t the first collaborative, public endorsement The Oh Ball has received. Former Iowa State All-American turned professional NBA basketball player, George Niang credits The Oh Ball with relieving the foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis he had suffered during his college career.

“Getting Georges Niang’s endorsement meant a lot to us,” Hagaman said. “It was great to see him have success with our product and finish off with such a great senior season at Iowa State and continue to maintain his peak performance in his professional career. Our growing network of endorsers and partners are very special to us, and I am grateful for the relationships The Oh Ball has been building here in the Research Park and in Iowa.”


About ISU Research Park:

The Iowa State University Research Park is a not-for-profit real estate development community closely affiliated with Iowa State University, established in 1987. ISURP assists both established and start-up companies in connecting with Iowa State’s vast infrastructure to grow their enterprises; whether through students, research entities, equipment, or a multitude of other resources. ISURP is currently home to more than 60 companies employing 1700 people and occupies over half a million square feet of commercial real estate on 400 acres. For more information on the ISURP, call 515-296-4204 or visit

About Lifestream Clinic:
Lifestream Clinic is a leader in concierge health care practice, offering chiropractic, nutrition, and massage care that is simple, affordable, convenient, and personal. Lifestream clinic has locations in Ames, Grimes, and Ankeny. For more information on Lifestream Clinics, call  (515) 259-9336 or visit

About The Oh Ball:
The Oh Ball is an Iowa-based manufacturer of a revolutionary, yet simple, line of foot pain relief devices. The Oh Ball products provide relief for foot pain caused by such things as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or just long hours on one's feet in harsh, unforgiving environments. For more information, email Kipp Hagaman at